Sunday, 10 November 2019

Inner Demons Records #8 - Plastiglomerate.

     1.    I Have Seen the Future, And One Day We Will All Stop Dying.

It’s happened again and it keeps happening – I randomly picked a release from my pile of Inner Demons Records releases and played it and as a result of this I have discovered a new artist that I hadn’t heard before. They are UK based, the work is amazing and called Plastiglomerate. This Newcastle Upon Tyne project seems to have been actively releasing since 2017.

When I looked at the title, I thought it seemed a bit daft, then I pressed play. I was very wrong, this is a very dark, very bleak, cold recording of electronic noise. It’s subtle noise that gets creepier by the minute and if I am honest, it ties in with a lot of ‘Trauma Electronics’ that exists now (See Ordeal by Roses or Suffer in April). Despite being described as Harsh Noise, this projects coldness and uses of sound makes it some sort of deformed cousin to Power Electronics. It has a creeped repetition that very early Swans had, but with a warped obsessive feel running through it. The single track has a very long build up and dies off for an even longer death – a perfect release.

Never doubt the Inner Demons, this is yet another Gem. They always deliver as has Plastiglomerate, both label and project are worthy of further investigation - buy this!

Nevis Kretini 2019.

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