Sunday, 14 July 2019

Suffer In April, more French Greatness?

Suffer In April – Femme Fatale – demo  - 2019 -

1 L'ennivrance des sens 
2 les oubliées de la lumiere 
3 Tinté de lumiére sa peau comme un diament  
4 Le voyage sants retour (Snix Cover) 
5 Obédience au plus grand des chagrin
6 l'apogé de l'art du meurtre 
7 Femme Fatal . 
8 Transcendance Nocturne 
9 Eux deux 
10 Viande Froide 
11 Carne

Suffer in April is a French project by Patrick Andre. I decided to review this project because I was just sent some links/pestered via messenger over a period, today I clicked on one and I can’t believe what I am hearing. Femme Fatale seems to share the same forward-thinking attitude that made early Cremation Lily so excellent. It’s Harsh Noise overtones and deep keyboard instrumentation mixed with pained vocals and sharp sounds. There’s also Guitar mixed in at some points, the quieter passages are strong, the vocals are different – they chant, wail, roar and are generally solid throughout, maybe even next level. Later there are some great female vocal harmonies that are looped over vortexes of distortion.  The later more straight up harsh noise pieces are also music to my ears. There are moments of cinematic greatness here and some passages of evocative beauty happening there, this is a very strong recording, it’s sonic vocabulary is at once simple and sophisticated. This short review is a warning, a warning of potential or maybe present forward-thinking greatness. Haven’t decided which one it is yet, I'm still blown away.
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