Friday, 31 July 2020

Bone And Aura Synthesis

Nuori Veri – Luun Ja Auran Syntesi – Aussaat – Cassette – 2020.

Nuori Veri is a Finnish experimental artist, this is his third cassette release after Vakaumus and Vakaumus 2, both were released in 2019.

This album is one of those experiences that can’t really be categorised. It functions as a timeless piece of art, there are field recordings, piano tinkering, vocal samples and spoken dialogue woven together to make a tapestry of sound.

The piano features heavily on the album, although still an instrument of present day used by many musicians, alone or with samples and crackles it has a timeless eerie quality as if we are thrown back to early Twentieth Century. The works are like collages of time, shifting the listener through journeys of time and place. As sounds become minimal with crackles and ominous piano the atmospheres become tense as if anticipating disaster. This increases as the work gets quieter and strips down – a soundtrack anxiety. The passages of piano and shouted vocal are intense and pained. Is it the build up to war?

Overall, I think this album works well, everything ties together perfectly. The sounds are rich and evocative, I was placed into a shifting montage of scenarios. This tape is one of the strangest releases that I have received and broke the flow of my usual listening. In the past I have had to write up some shit Experimental releases, it was extremely hard, I wanted to send them back. This in contrast is an excellent work of art and a pleasure to hear, thanks for the journey. I recommend this cassette as good, challenging listening that I am keeping.

Dorcus Maximus 2020

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