Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Knifedoutofexistence - Fragility.

Knifedoutofexistence – Fragility – Cassette/Download – Outsider Art – OA040 – 2020.

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     1.       Work In Progress.
     2.       Better to be Broken than to be Hardened.
     3.       Water Drains Between Stones.
     4.       Joy Rendered Bittersweet.
     5.       Roots Torn and Exposed.

Sound recordings of birds singing, seagulls and water flowing with mild electronics simmering in the background slowly form Work in Progress; it is as if we are being introduced to the artists environment. I don’t want to break this down too much to a track by track review, but there is a lot of Field recordings coupled with muted, broken electronics happening throughout Fragility.

I have seen the project explode live, whilst still really restraining what goes off, there is a tension created to the work that resonates the sound more, here the noise is mostly pushed down a lot, whilst repeated keyboard loops of broken melodies play out. On some occasions the noise is given a bit more room to breathe whereas other times it has far less space to move. However, there is a brief explosion of Power Electronics on Joy Rendered Bittersweet, it isn’t something that is even built up to, it just happens from a build-up of wavering distortion, feedback and echoes into a brief but glorious tantrum.

Bleak, mournful electronics finish the album off. A slow melody with Field Recordings, distortion and echoed vocals reflect further on existence, which Fragility seems to do a lot. This ties the EP together perfectly.

Knifetoutofexistence has now reached full maturity, the last few recordings are the best, there has been consistent improvement and growth. The bar has now been set very high, I believe we will now see real greatness. This is an excellent recording that will be out on April 15th in limited and regular edition.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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