Saturday, 14 December 2019

MLEHST - Second Donation.

MLEHST – Second Donation – Belief Recordings – CDR, Album, Ltd – 2019.

Today, 14/12/19 has been MLEHST Saturday, I have discovered the project and I am now on my Third review of MLEHST in a day. I have found MLEHST to be challenging at the lower (& higher) end of noise. An active UK project since 1991, there is a considerably large discography behind MLEHST, Second Donation is a new release on the projects own Belief Recordings.

Second Donation seems to be built up on separate long passages of noise, the first delves into the darker Ambient textures the project is known for. This creates depth and a dream like state to the work to begin, within itself this is good sound that goes on for some time.  Small explosions of sound signify that change is on the way, the sounds now have a louder level and a growl to them.

The noisier side of the project bursts through with ugly, piercing sound – the ambient sound now acts as a base for this to work on. The noise functions like a wall of whistling, high pitched screech that has drops and resonations with the deeper background adding texture. When this dies off the sound just rumbles at a lower level for a length of time, it is as if the sound is bubbling and cooking away, I like this, it is like the suffocated parts of the album, the project did with the RITA.

As this dies off, the higher pitched sounds slowly come through, as if forming more ambience – not muffled, but distant. This plays the album out until its end.

Another strong MLEHST release highlighting the different strengths of the project.

Nevis Kretini 2019.

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