Saturday, 17 August 2019

#Inner Demons Records 4. Loss - She,Zombie.

Loss – She, Zombie – 3” CDR/Download – Inner Demons Records – IN0020 – 2017

1.  She, Zombie.
2.  Dead Dreams.

This disc was part of the recent, epic Inner Demons package that I recently received. This one threw me; I was expecting straight up noise or HNW when I put it on but got something totally different. Loss is a Dan Fox project that has been active since 2004.

She, Zombie uses a looped sample of a female voice from a film I assume, this never stops, as a melodic bass line plays in the background, the bass throws me back to the 1980s work of Plecid. The use of atmospheric noise shifts to melodic keyboard drones as the work progresses. The male vocal sample that takes over is rich and expressive, the noise has become delicate, atmospheric electronica as if the soundtrack to loss and sadness. As the female voice returns it’s warped more and more as the track nears its end, it becomes androgynous and more incoherent as the music gradually floods it, drowning it slowly. Only feedback is left.

Dead Dreams is esoteric in comparison to She, Zombie’s warped soundtrack, except this has aggressive electronica and beats. The use of melody is powerful and emotive. Dead Dreams contrasts upbeat rhythm to the slowness of the opening track yet ties in through the style of electronics. This is a much shorter track, but equally rich and evocative.

This release certainly grabbed me, I was impressed by the usual, strong Inner Demons presentation and strength of the work presented. Both tracks are great and worthy of purchase.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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