Monday, 5 August 2019

#Inner Demons Records 3 - Formaldehydra - Hag Harbor

Formaldehydra – Hag Harbor – 3”CDR/Download – Inner Demons Records – 2019.

  1.       Hag Harbor.

I picked this CDR at random from my Inner Demons Records collection; it’s a single piece by Florida based noise artist Formaldehydra.

Hag Harbor has a dark, infected sound and functions in a similar way to a wall piece; but it isn’t, it seems caught up in the mid-tones. There is a leaning towards Death Industrial via the bleakness and overall feel of the work, yet it also seems to fit in between Noise genres whilst not being fully commital to any of them. There is a constant, repetitive distortion and drone that jar against each other to make a complete sound. The Drones go off in the background as if in some constant shift, loop, pulsation or melody; hard to tell. However, the overall sound created by the two elements makes for an intriguing sound. This is a strong piece that works with the 3”CDR format perfectly and pulls you in, like a seductive void.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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