Monday, 1 July 2019

Ritual Chair – Lacrimae Arma Feminae Sunt

Ritual Chair – Lacrimae Arma Feminae Sunt – 2018 – Doughgirl Tapes. Cassette – DOUGH009.

Definition - Tears are the weapons of a woman.

The immediate start of Lacrimae Arma Feminae Sunt guarantees that yet again I am surprised by the work of Ritual Chair, this release from 2018 differs greatly from Ashamed (2019) and Brock Turner (2018). This more of a noise release with drones and a psychedelic use of warping and distortion; the vocals shift from spoken to screamed over news samples and noise. I feel that Lacrimae Arma Feminae Sunt represents the more abstract, esoteric side of the project. All 3 tracks remain a mystery by remaining untitled, no background information is given about the release, whereas others have been more forthcoming in their subject matter.

The mystery of the works content opens possibilities for the project way beyond what I imagined it to currently be. The subtle, slower use of rumbling noise and abstraction of the vocals does not weaken the work at all: it shifts it. Only the emotion is clear as the noise warps itself further, the vocal explosions are impressive and layered, morphing to become haunted as they mutter and mumble incoherently. Is the esoteric feel from an anger at the past (if it is past), a kind of ghost in itself, is the church like cover a link to some religious the theme buried in the work? The vocals remain the dominant instrument; upset, pain and tears are turned into weapons for sure. My only complaint is that I was left wanting more, however this mini album is excellent, as is this project.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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