Saturday, 6 July 2019

Miracle of Love - You Will Be Free.

Album: You Will be Free
Artist: Miracle of Love
Catalogue  no: N/A


   1.      We Believe What we Say – Tied
   2.      Exhale XV
   3.      We Came from the Sky
   4.      Exhale IV
   5.      Exhale VII – Tied
   6.      For Many are Called (Devis G. Version)
   7.      Exhale XIII
   8.      From Going To and Fro on the Earth
   9.      Exhale XII – Terror Unit Over – Tied
   10.  Through a Million of Deserts
   11.  We Believe What we Say (Rubber Nurse Version)

Miracle of Love is Lorenzo Corsetti, an Italian musician, producer, and sound designer as well as being the founder of White Forest Records. He’s also created music under the pseudonyms of 12 Inch Plastic Toys, Santa Emoraggia, and Hetkonen.

Imagine yourself fogbound and lost somewhere unfamiliar, unable to move forward or backward, and out of the obscuring fog emerge mysterious bangs, crashes, scrapings, and howlings. You might think that you have somehow barged into a machine-shop located in one of the nine levels of Hell, or some still-active but decaying post-apocalyptic industrial park here on earth. All eleven pieces careen between distant, unsettling and haunting keening chords and swellings eerily emerging from behind the curtain of mist, obscuring the origins and creators of those sounds (are they men or monsters?), and barrages of harsh metallic ringings, collapsing steel, and power-tool whinings, or granulated, crackling blankets of heavily oppressive noise. And you’re left wondering just what is it that these Hadean blacksmiths are creating? Are they building diabolical contraptions for the end of the world or just devices for torturing hapless souls?

The mood evoked is one of mechanical nightmares and, worse still, horrific self-perpetuating phantasms made real. It’s obviously that nothing natural could survive here for long, or if it does then it’s ultimately subverted by perversion and artificial mutation. Dripping subterranean atmospherics, rebounding endlessly from wet cavern walls, pervade every second of this album. Simultaneously the heat and the cold are unbearable, at turns boiling and freezing. This is not a place for sensitive souls.

You Will be Free is a curious mix of the soft- and hard-edged, of swathes of almost comforting chords expanding and enveloping which are dashed and shattered against brittle obsidian darkness. But that aspect, I think, is where its appeal resides: it’s neither completely dark ambient nor solely tethered to harsh noise/power electronics, but lies in the spaces in between. Moreover Corsetti has blended all the elements together seamlessly – in spite of the potential for it to have sounded jarring and disconnected, the two opposites have joined to paint a vivid picture of a hypnogogic dream wherein normally incompatible states produce a coherent whole.  I’ll be listening to this one again.

Psymon Marshall 2019

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