Monday, 15 April 2019

Blood of Chhinnamastika.

Blood of Chhinnamastika – The Promise of Delusion - Cassette – Fusty Cunt – 2018 – FUC202.

1.       Kreem.
2.       Master.
3.       Old Beliefs. 
4.       Hum.
5.       I Am No Self.

Blood of Chhinnamastika is an anonymous California based noise project that has done three releases throughout 2018 on Fusty Cunt and The Pet Goat Records. I don’t know if the project comes from another unit, or this is a first-time artist. The Promise of Delusion is a five-track cassette and their latest release.

Tortured, screeching sounds and vocal noises come in from the distance to introduce the cassette, which is an immediate hellish nightmare. The pulsating electronics of Master throb repetitively, to break up into a vortex of noise that is cut into with sharp noise before vocal chaos erupts. The vocals are an incoherent noise that blasts away. I like how the electronics keep dying off and faltering suddenly only to burst back with more vigour. The faltering increases to become a key component, the vocal noise is impressive; I’d like to see how this act copes on a live front. Old Beliefs demonstrates impressive, choppy, Harsh Noise. This builds into a massive noise assault, sounds are jacked, choppy and the work continually cuts itself up. Where as Master had a more occultist /Blackened feel, this is more ‘Fuck yeah!’ type noise that gets more beastly as it progresses and erupts to an end.

Hum falls right in with the violence of earlier tracks, there is a sense of esoteric noise to the background noises as chaotic contrasts of noise overlay it. Like earlier tracks (Master) this does dramatically keep dying off to allow the noises to reconfigure themselves and erupt. This eventually dies off into minimal squeal. I am no Self is very choppy, with deep Harsh Wall crackle that is continually broken up by a choir of noises, this shifts to use repetition, raging vocal noise and urgent noise to become something else entirely. This is the most violent display on The Promise of Delusion, delivering a big finale.

Promise of Delusion continues the tradition of American choppy noise, whilst maintaining an esoteric, occasionally blackened feel. It varies itself well, becoming impressively harsh at times. The work shifts rapidly throughout, cutting everything up as it just manages to hold all its ideas at once, allowing for a wider identity to the project. Good release.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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