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Spermula Tribute - VOMIR, PUTA MALARIA, I, ETERNAL, 45.7872313, 9.4287895

Spermula Tribute -  VOMIR, PUTA MALARIA, I, ETERNAL,  45.7872313, 9.4287895 – 2018 – Skitnaste, Sept, 2018 – mp3 release 

1.       VOMIR – Spermula Split.
2.       Puta Malaria – Seed of the 70s.
3.       Puta Malaria – Retarded Jism Attack.
4.       Puta Malaria – Spunk Crush Blues.
5.       Puta Malaria – Get Down With the Semen.
6.       I,Eternal - Ce Sentiment Est Nouveau Pour Toi?
7.       45.7872313, 9.4287895 -Machinery 1.
8.       45.7872313, 9.4287895 – Machinery 2.
9.       45.7872313, 9.4287895 – Machinery 3.

As I was doing the pre-listening for this review, I felt slightly guilty; I listened to it without a black plastic bag on my head whilst VOMIR was playing. I hope this doesn’t make for an inaccurate review. I remember seeing VOMIR years ago in the UK and the audience were handed black plastic bags to wear on their heads during his set, whilst he stood in a corner, bag on head facing the wall. Whether he had some secret way of making noise or it was pre-recorded, I don’t know. On here the VOMIR wall is double functioning, one deep wall of distortion whilst a sharper mass of distortion bobs up and around it throughout. Dense and hypnotising.

The Puta Malaria tracks are violent, immediate and harsh. They come in four, short, sharp bursts; it is as if you are violent attacked in succession. They seem part industrial in background and violent Power Electronics upfront – a combo team of noise. There appears to be some sort of more savage up front noise which I am unsure if it is vocal based. All 4 tracks are insanely violent, different and very well delivered.

The I’Eternal track samples the film and is almost like a nightmare ambient passage made by failing noise that won’t stop trying. The track is brooding and nasty, it allows ambient qualities to pulsate for periods of time between attacks of sharp, nagging, abusive noise. The emergence of funky background soundtrack is amusing and admirable. I believe this may have been recorded as the film played, this is menacing and violent yet fun and quirky at the same time. 45.7872313, 9.4287895’s tracks are of a similar Industrial backed theme to Puta Malaria but do seem to have a more junk noise aesthetic showing through with a far less digital assault. They achieve similar levels of violence across 3 tracks intensified by some aggressive repetition.

The four mystery artists differ greatly, the work is tied together by coming from various factions of noise all themed to the Spermula film. Essentially Spermula tribute is all strong, making it a consistently good sex themed listen paying tribute to a forgotten masterpiece.

Choppy Noodles. 2018

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